How To Select The Right Shrink Wrapper For Your Brand?

Shrink Wrapping Machine Is All Your Business Needs

If you own a packaging industry, then you must be well aware of a fully automatic sleeve wrapper. But how to choose the right one? To get an answer, keep reading.

Knowing which shrink-wrapping machine to choose for your business is sometimes challenging. There are end number of makes as well as models of machines. Each one of them has its own pros and cons. So in order to bring the perfect fully automatic sleeve wrapper, you have to know some facts. 

Which Is Perfect For Transit Wrapping?

  • When it comes to preparing product stock for transport, sleeve-wrapping machines are mostly used. The key driver in appliance quality is not only maintenance but also the material price. Sleeve wrappers are usually brought into a company for replacing boxes or other types of protective packaging. The former is a much low-cost option along with high-security polyolefin shrink wrap. 
  • Generally, sleeve wrapping machines make use of polyethylene shrink wrap. The reason to do is the low cost of the material and its strength in comparison to other materials. You can find polyethylene packaging on a variety of products from radiators to jars and from cans to frozen goods. However, sleeve wrapping tends to look less appealing than full shrink wrapping. 
  • As a result, if there is a lot to transport to retailers and wholesalers, you can easily use shrink wrapping. It reduces the transport cost in comparison to traditional sleeve wrapping. What’s better than getting low-price amenities along with a high security and aesthetic packaging for your products?

What To Do In Case Of Display Wrapping?

  1. Display packaging consists of the ability to portray promotional packaging on your products. It is in-built with the protection provided by the polyeflin shrink wrap. It is typically popular for showing a product amongst marketers and retailers. 
  2. There is a variety of shrink wrapping machines which you can use for display packaging. The bubble seal as well as chamber shrink wrapping machinery units are more popular for semi-automatic machines. A sealing sequence remains engaged as soon as you lower the hood over a product. 
  3. The use of a display shrink film in transit packaging is not very common. This is usually when there is a requirement of a complete wrap. In such cases, polyethylene is still used mostly for reducing costs. At Priti International, you get shrink wrappers with two or three belt side sealer. Know how to purchase them. 

The Bottom Line

You can now avail yourself of top-notch fully automatic sleeve wrapper Service by simply contacting us,Priti International. When your dream is to buy an unbeatable range of semi-automatic sleeve wrapper machine, none can match our superior quality. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today.