Guide to Some Winter Juice Recipes for a Healthy and Detox Body

Fruit Juice Plant in Kolkata

Winter is a season where one can find numerous fresh fruits and vegetables. During winter only there are multiple problems and diseases that affects our body specially dehydration. It’s good to have winter fresh juices which either can be bought from the market or can be done at home itself.

In winter in every part of the world availability of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables is common. Moreover, one can also buy fresh fruit juices only available during winters made in many Fruit Juice Plant in Kolkata. These fruit juices not only is good for health, but also helps to detox your body. It also boosts up the immune system to fight against viruses that might attack you during winters.

At this time of winter season many people feel lazy and do not prefer to come out of their den. It is also important that along with fresh juices one should also indulge in having fresh food products which are exclusively made in many food processing plant in Kolkata. People just give thanks to their mixer, juicer and grinder this winter as the appliance just helps them to make their work easy and faster.

Detoxing the body benefits you by giving you with a clean digestive system as well as it also helps to revive your skin. For best result it is important that the process of in taking fresh juices continues for at least for five days at a stretch and then one can incline in having winter vegetables or fruits. Here are some recipes which you like to have for this winter.

Apple – Cranberry Juice

  • Ingredients : 1 large fresh apple properly rinsed and half cup of fresh cranberry juice
  • How to make: Turn juicer on to high and apple and cranberry juice, stir well and it will be ready to serve.

Root Juice

  • Ingredients: 2 small carrots, half of an apple, ½ sweet potato, and one tablespoon crushed black pepper.
  • How to make: Turn on the juicer and put carrots, apple and black pepper. Stir properly and serve.

Fresh carrot and orange Juice

  • Ingredients: 1 small carrots, 2 oranges, half cup orange juice
  • How to make: Put all the ingredients together, grind and serve

Zesty Lemon Drink

  • Ingredients: 6 sweet lemons, water, a touch of jaggery, small amount of pepper and hint of chili flake
  • How to make: Mix all the ingredients in the juicer, stir well and serve.

Juicy Green Apple squash

  • Ingredients: 3 medium size green apple, mint leaves, half lemon and ginger powder
  • How to make: Paste the apple finely and then add crushed mint leaves in the juicer and grind it. Put lemon juice and ginger powder, stir well and serve.

These juice recipes will help to make you sense fresh throughout the day and also make you feel energetic in these lazy winter days.