Flour Milling Plants: Process of Manufacturing Flour from Wheat

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Birthdays are incomplete without cakes. The sweet, spongy, creamy delight in different mouth-watering flavors is what makes birthdays special and most of us cannot wait to dive into it the moment we see it on our plate. But have you ever wondered about the making of the flour, an important ingredient that goes into making such heavenly delicacies? Turnkey basis flour mills in Kolkata is the ultimate machinery that converts grains into wheat from which we get flour consequently.

The Process of Converting Wheat Grain into Flour:-

Raw Materials Involved:

It is needless to say that wheat grain is the most basic ingredient that you will need. But there are certain additives that manufacturers add during commercial flour milling. There are different applications of how the milled flour will be used. For example when baking bread, hard wheat is the best option while soft wheat works great when making cakes. Hence depending on the use of the flour additives change. Bleaching agents like benzoyl peroxide, oxidizing agent potassium bromate are some of the common additives used. While the first one makes flour look more white the second ingredient enhances its quality.

Manufacturing Process:

  • Grading: The wheat grains that the mill receives first undergo various tests that check both chemical and physical traits. The workers then store these in silos until the next process.

  • Purification: There are several cleaning processes through which the workers pass the wheat grains to separate them from foreign particles. A separator segregates big stones from the grains, while the aspirator works as a vacuum cleaner to suck out all the lightweight dust particles.

  • Preparation Before Grinding: At first washing of the purified wheat takes place thoroughly.  The moisture factor plays an important role. So it needs to be controlled for effective peeling of the bran from the wheat. Grinding: Workers spin the wheat grains against metal pins in a device that is known as an entitled. The cracked grains are not fit to be processed to derive flour, hence workers discard them. Metal rollers are the next machine that they use to crack open the interior of the grains which then pass through a middling purifier. The product then undergoes fine grounding. The last step of the grinding process involves the passage of the flour through various sieves according to the quality and fineness.

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