Complete Guidelines For Semi-Automatic Sleeve Wrapper Machine

semi-automatic sleeve wrapper

A semi-automatic sleeve wrapper is a packaging machine designed to resist polyethylene film packaging. It is a plastic polymer film that covers around the products broadly, then you apply heat on the cover so that it can shrink. Finally, the film wraps and covers the product tightly. It is popular in the packaging industry. Many turnkey project companies assist the newcomer by providing all types of services. A Sleeve wrapper machine ranges from 600 to 1500mm in sealing jaw width and it is suitable for those products which are less than 600mm to 1500mm wide. 

The Functions Of The Sleeve Wrapper Machine:

  • The semi-automatic sleeve wrapper machine functions in two ways. At first, it seals then it shrinks the products.

  • The sleeve wrapper machine helps in packaging large and irregular-shaped items. It is perfect for those industries that don’t prefer high-speed packaging.

Description Of  The Sleeve Wrapper Machine:

  • It has a heavy-duty and strong construction.

  • People can operate its sealing arms manually.

  • The film rolls are expandable.

Benefits Of The Sleeve Wrapper Machine:

  • Saves Money-  It has a low operational cost and as it works automatically, so it saves huge man-hours. You can easily appoint less labor staff if you install this semi-automatic sleeve wrapper machine.

  • Guaranteed Protection- A small scratch can ruin your whole packaging. But the sleeve wrapper reaches the products in good condition and protects them from major damage.

  • Easier for Transportation: As the sleeve wrapper covers the products tightly, so it is easy to take the products from one place to another.

  • Providing security- You can resist the chance of tampering with the products by shrinking them properly. The sleeve wrapper machine helps to save your time, energy, and money.

The maintaining process of the sleeving machine is uncomplicated and cost-effective.

 Process Of Maintaining The Sleeve Wrapper Machine:

  • Regular Cleaning- The first step to maintain the sleeve wrapper machine is that you should clean it regularly. You have to unplug the machine from the socket before cleaning it.

  • Checking of Dirt- You should clean the dirt off the machine with a cotton cloth. Before starting the machine, you should always clean the dirt otherwise the machine can be blocked.

  • Check the Heat- You should always check the heat of the semi-automatic sleeve wrapper machine otherwise the films will stick together.

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