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Why Mineral Water is a Must Add in your Diet Regime

When everyone around you is trying hard to keep a fit body and a healthy lifestyle why are you backing away? Probably you are thinking from where you should start. Well, including mineral water in your regular diet regime can be the wise decision for you. In fact apart from keeping you hydrated mineral water is helping everyone a lot by offering several benefits.

Packaged Drinking Water Plant

Packaged Drinking Water Plant

The increasing number of packaged drinking water plant is enough evidence to show that people are becoming quite aware of the benefits of mineral water. Take a look of the plus points of drinking mineral water every day.

Lose Weight

Losing weight depends largely on what you are drinking and eating. Soda and juice are good for health in some ways but they do nothing to lose weight. In fact they add up to your calories. Add mineral water in your diet chart. It will keep you rehydrated for hours without the fear of adding in the calories.

Betterment of Bone Health

After menopause women suffer from loss of bone health. The lack of calcium is responsible for weak bone structure. Mineral water contains calcium. Regular consumption of mineral water helps you to retain bone health and keeps you strong.

Control Blood Pressure and LDL Cholesterol

The risk of heart diseases increases because of the increase of blood pressure and cholesterol. Mineral water contains magnesium and potassium. These components help to control blood pressure and LDL cholesterol that is often considered as the root causes of heart diseases.

Aid in Digestion

Digestion is quite a complicated process. But when you consume mineral water every day and keep on going with the regular diet you will be able to retain a good digestion process.

Add mineral water in your regular diet regime and stay healthy and fit.

Packaged Drinking Water Plant Business: Essentials Things to Consider

We get normal drinking water from several underground sources. We often drink normal tap water without any filtration process. Whereas, packaged water uses water from different sources, then the water is reserved, cleaned, and disinfected. The cleaning procedure could implicate filtration process, UV, Reverse Osmosis techniques or ozone treatment before it is ready for human consumption. To be precise, packaged drinking water is healthy and safe compared to any other type of water. Consequently, packaged drinking water plant business is a growing industry nowadays as there is a growing demand of disinfected clean water globally.

Therefore, if you are planning to set up a business in this particular field, you should consider few essential points. To know more read below.

While setting up the water plant, you should consider four essential sections:

-> Water Treatment System
-> Bottling Procedure
-> Quality Control (Lab) System
-> Overall Utility

Usually, a standard 1500- 2000 LPH packaged drinking water plant requires:

You will need around 5000 Square feet industrial place where 3000 Square Feet sheltered area is available.

Make certain that you are getting sixty-five HP power sources that is must. Unrefined/raw water resources near your plant.

You need a good amount of capital for your project. Approximately Rs.70-75 lakh Indian rupees are considered necessary which will include the machinery, essential equipment, utilities, and fittings for the plant.

Do not forget to register your company. ISI certification from Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is needed. Make sure your company has the registration of trademark.

Make sure you are getting the pollution control & pest control certificate from registered offices.

The transport facility from your plant should be good enough so that you do not have to worry about shipping process.

Useful Tips to Consider Before Starting a Packaged Drinking Water Business

Do you want to start a packaged drinking water company? Then below is an in detail guide on how to start a packaged drinking water plant. Bottled water is considered as drinking water that is packaged in plastic or glass bottles. Bottled water can come in two forms such as Carbonated water & Non-carbonated water, and it can be either distilled or spring water, or mineral water.
package drinking water

If you’re setting up a packaged drinking water plant, the vital thing is capital. Set up your budget.

1. You would require rent or taking a lease a large area/space/building for water production, buying important machinery. The cost of the equipment is quite high. It is also vital you locate a reliable bottle production company that will supply you the glass or plastic bottles according to your requirement.

2. Make sure the location is a hygienic strategic location for your packaged drinking water plant. If possible set up a separate area for offices and the production area.

3. You will need a few theoretically inclined workers who can supervise & manage production actions, operate machine & tools.

4. Check out the water and power resources of your locality. You might need to use a power generating set which can increase your operating expenses.

5. Getting the appropriate license and business permit is quite an exceptional task due to the rigorous terms and conditions of any particular country/locality.

6. You need to maintain a high standard of hygiene as well.

7. You should be prepared to experience the ups & downs of the business and the sales. Train yourself about the current bottled drinking water market and categorize probable target clients & markets that are presently under-served.

Know The Advantages of Bottled Drinking Water:

In United States packaged water is the second most commonly purchased beverage. Bottled water can be separated into several labels, from spring, drinking and purified to artisan and mineral water. People are becoming health conscious and in accordance, growing demand of bottled water is increasing the industry of packaged water drinking water plant additionally. The few advantages of bottled water are mentioned below.

Bottled water is widely accessible in all stores and it’s easy to carry. You don’t have to waste your time to refill the bottle, as you can get the access of packaged bottle water anywhere, anytime .

Research shows that, people are choosing bottled water over other portable beverages like soda water or sugary tea because of nutritional standpoints.

Some regulars have a preference for bottled water over tap water. Additionally, some bottle water brands are using flavoring agents to enhance the taste of the water. Flavored bottled water comes in fruity and tropical flavors that are tempting to people who are looking to switch from soda to water.

Apart from flavor, some packaged water brands also include nutrients. Electrolytes, such as potassium and sodium, vitamin V and vitamin E are the most frequently added nutrients to water. After a hard workout session drinking electrolyte-containing bottled water may be beneficial for health. It can help to stabilize your glucose level.

Toxins like Chlorine, Chloramines, microscopic particles, pharmaceuticals and a host of contaminate come into our homes daily through our faucets. Without a complete filtration system it is risky to live in these hazardous circumstances. Hence drinking bottled water is safer.

Tap water occasionally has an unpleasant taste or odor, whereas bottle mineral water has no familiar aromas or flavors. One can track her water intake while drinking bottled water as how many bottle of water she/he consumed during the whole day. Bottled water is accessible from handy half-liter bottles to bigger gallon-sized containers.