Are Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machines Appropriate For You?

Tons of products are sold every day. And to pack them safely, companies trust a fully automatic sleeve wrapper. Read this blog and check out its uses. 

When a brand sells large quantities of products, bulk shipping comes into play. While some industries wrap their items manually, others find a semi-automatic sleeve wrapper machine beneficial. Not only are sleeve wrappers completely automated but they also keep your packets secure. Here are some unknown facts about sleeve wrappers. 

How Do Sleeve Wrappers Benefit Your Business? 

Investing in packaging automation can be intelligent when you are willing to grow your company. Although it is an initial capital investment, the payoff is pretty much quick. Given below are the benefits of installing a sleeve wrapper machine in your business. 

  • Higher packaging capacity 

When you are producing a lot of products and shipping them simultaneously, this is an ideal option for you. Any business that wraps more than ten products in a day may benefit. However, the semi-automatic sleeve wrapping machine lets workers wrap products in very less time. Thereby, it increases productivity. Hand-wrapping products need more time and labour. But a machine can wrap products in half the time of manual wrapping. 

  • No worries about damaged products during transportation 

Secondly, sleeve wrappers save your products from breaking or tearing during the process of transportation. If your products are very frequently damaged, then this is the ultimate solution for you. Products need wrapping in a special way to ensure that they have tight packaging. Ruined products not only cut profits but also affect the company’s reputation. So, switch to sleeve wrappers if you want to save your effort, time and money. 

  • Avoiding high film costs

While manually wrapping products in large volumes, a lot of film is necessary. To properly wrap products, employees have to pull hard a lot of films which eventually costs a lot. On the other hand, when you use a sleeve wrapper, the products are wrapped accurately with the minimum amount of film. Over time, you may find significant savings on sleeve wrapping films because you are no longer overusing them. 

  • Labour turnover 

Brands often have a high turnover of manual workers. This kind of work is both stressful and strenuous. Additionally, you may also have to invest separately in training new employees. However, installing a sleeve wrapper frees you from all such hassles. All you need is an operator who knows how to turn it on, stretch wrap and then cut the film. And your job is complete. 


With such benefits, who wouldn’t want to install a sleeve wrapper? Get in touch with Priti International today. They offer extraordinary fully automatic sleeve wrapper Service and their products are unmatchable. Allow secure packaging with professionals by your side.