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Know the Benefits that Mineral Water Offers

When you are thinking about resorting to a healthy diet that will not only keep you healthy but also will prevent obesity, choose mineral water. Inclusion of mineral water in your regular diet is always a good decision since it offers various benefits. In today’s market most of the food items come with preservatives and added calories. But it is mineral water that does not have these harmful properties.

Packaged Drinking Water

The increasing number of mineral water plant is enough evidence to show that people are becoming aware of the good effects of mineral water. Why will you be left behind? Take a look of the blog to know more.

Prevent Obesity

Mineral water keeps you rehydrated. If you sip from a glass of soda water or juice you will consume a certain amount of calories too. But when you are drinking mineral water it does not add to the calorie value of your body. As a result you can keep yourself healthy and slim.

Improvement of Bone Health

Women after menopause suffer from poor bone health. Bone injury and osteoporosis become a way of life. But with the consumption of mineral water you get calcium that helps in making the bones stronger. Don’t ever ignore the thought of adding mineral water in your regular diet.

Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Blood pressure and LDL cholesterol are the main reasons behind the increase of heart diseases and heart attacks. If you include mineral water in your diet you will able to consume magnesium and potassium that will help you to decrease of blood pressure and LDL cholesterol. As a result, the risk of heart disease will be lesser.

Keep You Rehydrated

Mineral water can keep you rehydrated for quite a while and without causing any inconvenience.

Add mineral water in your diet and live a healthier life.

Packaged Drinking Water Plant Business: Essentials Things to Consider

We get normal drinking water from several underground sources. We often drink normal tap water without any filtration process. Whereas, packaged water uses water from different sources, then the water is reserved, cleaned, and disinfected. The cleaning procedure could implicate filtration process, UV, Reverse Osmosis techniques or ozone treatment before it is ready for human consumption. To be precise, packaged drinking water is healthy and safe compared to any other type of water. Consequently, packaged drinking water plant business is a growing industry nowadays as there is a growing demand of disinfected clean water globally.

Therefore, if you are planning to set up a business in this particular field, you should consider few essential points. To know more read below.

While setting up the water plant, you should consider four essential sections:

-> Water Treatment System
-> Bottling Procedure
-> Quality Control (Lab) System
-> Overall Utility

Usually, a standard 1500- 2000 LPH packaged drinking water plant requires:

You will need around 5000 Square feet industrial place where 3000 Square Feet sheltered area is available.

Make certain that you are getting sixty-five HP power sources that is must. Unrefined/raw water resources near your plant.

You need a good amount of capital for your project. Approximately Rs.70-75 lakh Indian rupees are considered necessary which will include the machinery, essential equipment, utilities, and fittings for the plant.

Do not forget to register your company. ISI certification from Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is needed. Make sure your company has the registration of trademark.

Make sure you are getting the pollution control & pest control certificate from registered offices.

The transport facility from your plant should be good enough so that you do not have to worry about shipping process.

Benefits of Mineral Water that keeps you Healthy

When everyone around you is working on a healthy diet regime to get into perfect shape you must be wondering what should be your first step towards the direction. If the case is same with you then I must suggest, add regular consumption of mineral water in your diet. It not only keeps you hydrated for a while but also offers a series of benefits that contribute in your well being too.

Packaged Drinking Water

The increasing number of mineral water plant indicates towards the fact that the demand of mineral water is increasing in lightening speed.

Take a look of the benefits of mineral water offers.

Lose Weight

Obesity is the worst enemy of all. When everyone around you is striving to get a perfect frame, it is the right weight that matters the most.  Soda or juices have added calories in them. But it is the mineral water that keeps you hydrated and without any fear of added calories. Regular consumption of mineral water proves to be immensely successful as it does not add to your calories and keeps you hydrated.

Improvement Bone Health

Mineral water contains calcium. It is extremely helpful to keep your bones strong. Women tend to lose bone health after menopause. If you are going through the same phase regular consumption of mineral water is necessary for you. That will help you to retain bone health for a while.

Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

The risk of heart diseases increases with high blood pressure and LDL cholesterol. Inclusion of mineral water in your regular diet causes decreasing the rate of blood pressure and cholesterol. As a result the risk of heart diseases gets decreased as well. In short, to keep your heart healthy mineral water is useful.

Aid in Digestion

Regular consumption of mineral water aids to your digestion process as well. It helps in digestion and keeps you tension free.

Add mineral water in your regular diet and be rest assured you be gainer of good health.

Facts about Digestive Biscuits

Biscuits and cookies are a baked food and one of our favorite food stuffs. Start your day with a hot cup of tea and biscuits and according to physicians’ suggestions, consumption of at least one biscuit in a day can keep the individual healthy without any problem of digestion.

Biscuit and Wafer Plant

Presently fine flour is used to prepare biscuits and cookies. Now days the biscuit manufactures, biscuits & cookies plants are making softer biscuits compared to old times. Old World biscuits were hard, dry and unsweetened. By the mediaeval times biscuits were prepared from the sweet, spiced paste of breadcrumbs and then baked.

Well, recently doctors are stating that digestive biscuits don’t provide much of nutrition and you should not include much for a healthy diet, but yes, if you are empty stomach throughout the day, digestive biscuits might help keep away sugary cravings.

You can find digestive biscuits in various flavors such as, chocolate, vanilla, original and reduced-fat varieties and digestive biscuits are considered quick breads, or baked goods that don’t contain yeast while baking.

Standard digestive biscuits contain the simplest ingredients such as, wheat flour, vegetable oil, baking soda, sugar, salt, malt syrup and powdered non-fat milk.

And chocolate digestives include palm oil, and contain more sugar in the form of glucose-fructose syrup. One standard digestive biscuit contains 73 calories, 2.6 grams of sugars, 3.2 grams of fat approximately, and sufficient sodium content.

Even though digestive biscuits are not very balanced nutrition source, there are few benefits about these foodstuffs. These biscuits hold a mild nutty flavor along with moderate sweetness and a substantial crunch.

There are no such side effects of digestive biscuits, and research has shown that consumption of digestive biscuits can help reducing glucose levels and it is recommended for diabetic patients. Consult your doctor before consumption.

Soda Water Plant Business Is an Excellent Venture

Soda water is one of the most commonly used water based products, beside packaged drinking water or mineral water. Not only for summer season, soda water is used in several restaurants, and in food industry as well for various purposes. With such large vision for the future, a brand new soda water plant business might not be such a bad idea.

Soda Water Plant

Soda water uses:

1. Soda water has its usage in an extensive array of places.

2. Soda water is commonly used for preparing an assortment of drinks & foodstuff.

3. The uppermost customers of soda water are the bars & pubs. It is an essential in preparation of carbonated beverages.

4. Flavoured beverages are in high demand during all the time. Consequently, soda water is important to make these beverages.

5. A lot of people like alcohol with soda water. One can get bottled or Soda water in the markets also for household purposes.

6. Soda water is also used as digestive beverage, quick home remedy for heartburn.

7. Research shows that soda water is good for the growth of plants.

While setting up a soda water plant, consider these things:

1. A soda water plant business does not cost any huge amount. It’s almost same as like packaged water or mineral water business.

2. The most significant part of this business is finding a proper location with moderately good water source. Make sure there is proper transport communication to the major parts of the city.

3. You can get the essential equipments from a large number of sellers. Before buying anything, do check the rates in the market. If you don’t want to buy all equipment, you can take lease from vendors as well.

4. Don’t ignore to check the vendors’ credentials and credibility, and make sure they are offering after sales service.

Drink Healthy – Fruit Juices and their Benefits

Fruit is the best gift of nature for human. They carry rich vitamins and mineral compounds. Incorporating fruit in your regular diet is quite beneficial. They can be the immediate supplement of healthy vitamins instantly.


In the regular busy lifestyle, it often becomes difficult to consume healthy food all the time. Since you are on the move for work, you have to depend on junk foods and light dry foods. Juice can be a beneficial ingredient in your diet chart. At the time of breakfast, it can be relaxing as well as healthy for sure. Differen types of fruit juice has many benefits as well. Let’s take a look.

Benefits of Orange Juice

Orange juice is one of the most favourite of many families. It is tasty too. Often people find their diet chart incomplete without orange juice. The citrus fruit contains vitamin C and Potassium that are extremely healthy. Vitamin C helps to develop our immunity by working as antioxidant.  Daily consuming of orange juice means consuming an impressive amount of vitamins and minerals.

Papaya Juice

It is another healthy fruit. It is not only good for skin; it contains a huge amount of Vitamin C that helps in the formation of skin, blood vessels. It helps to heal any wounds. It also contains potassium and magnesium. It helps in working and development of muscles and bone.

Strawberry Juices

This fruit is another healthy and rich in Vitamin C. It works as antioxidant and boost up the immunity system of our body.

Apple Juice

Apple juice is extremely healthy for both babies and adults. Apple juice is rich with vitamin C and enzymes like flavinol compounds that break the carbohydrate compound into single sugar that makes the digestion easier.

Due to such benefits of popular juices, they are becoming the popular beverage of people. The increasing number of fruit juice plant makes the fact quite evident. Add a glass of juice in your everyday diet. Drink healthy, live healthy.

Useful Tips to Consider Before Starting a Packaged Drinking Water Business

Do you want to start a packaged drinking water company? Then below is an in detail guide on how to start a packaged drinking water plant. Bottled water is considered as drinking water that is packaged in plastic or glass bottles. Bottled water can come in two forms such as Carbonated water & Non-carbonated water, and it can be either distilled or spring water, or mineral water.
package drinking water

If you’re setting up a packaged drinking water plant, the vital thing is capital. Set up your budget.

1. You would require rent or taking a lease a large area/space/building for water production, buying important machinery. The cost of the equipment is quite high. It is also vital you locate a reliable bottle production company that will supply you the glass or plastic bottles according to your requirement.

2. Make sure the location is a hygienic strategic location for your packaged drinking water plant. If possible set up a separate area for offices and the production area.

3. You will need a few theoretically inclined workers who can supervise & manage production actions, operate machine & tools.

4. Check out the water and power resources of your locality. You might need to use a power generating set which can increase your operating expenses.

5. Getting the appropriate license and business permit is quite an exceptional task due to the rigorous terms and conditions of any particular country/locality.

6. You need to maintain a high standard of hygiene as well.

7. You should be prepared to experience the ups & downs of the business and the sales. Train yourself about the current bottled drinking water market and categorize probable target clients & markets that are presently under-served.