What Are The Common Faults Found In HDPE Blow Molding?

An hdpe PVC molding machine is the most economical product in an industry. It is popular for its capacity for the highest-producing outputs. Let’s know more.

Industries manufacturing beverage cans, pharmaceutical bottles or edible cans mostly use an HDPE molding machine. Even though it can produce an almost perfect container, the machine can sometimes encounter several problems. This blog is about the common defects in an HDPE blow moulding machine. Also, discover why you should buy it from a reliable manufacturer. 

Common Problems In An HDPE Molding Machine 

  • Leakage 

Leakage inside HDPE bottles can happen because of multiple reasons. Some of the common ones include tears in the bottle’s wall or poor welding of the molten plastic. Plastic products having a narrow neck may have leakage at the top surface of the bottle. This kind of leak is hard to detect. Hence, the blow moulding distributor must ensure that the mould fits perfectly in the blow pin nozzle. 

  • Rocker Bottoms 

You will also find the issue or rocker bottoms in blow-moulded bottles. It is usually a result of the insufficient cooling of the bottle while removing it from the mould. In such a case, you must try maximizing the water flow of your cooling system. If there is still no relief, you may check the cooling channels of your blow moulding machine. Make sure they are free from any blockage. 

  • Deflashing Or Tearing Of Welding Lines 

Tearing of any container when deflashing takes place very often. Besides, it is a common cause of the slow speed of molding machines. To fix this, begin with closing the clamping unit. You can do this in two easy steps- 1st mould closing and 2nd mould closing. The goal of the second mould losing with slow speed is to push the material inwards. Further, this will form strong welding lines. 

  • Defects In The Surface Wall 

Everything affects your bottle’s appearance from small unnoticeable defects to large ring lines. Black spots are a result of the foreign materials that stick inside the die brushes. Secondly, wall bubbles are a result of moisture and water particles. To prevent this, you will be able to install a hopper dryer or try keeping the resin warm. 

  • Irregular Radial Wall Thickness Distribution 

A regular wall thickness distribution of your bottle is significant. Because it prevents excessive shrinkage of the product and affects its quality. To prevent this, you can try aligning the die mandrel as well as the die. Additionally, make sure that the extruded parison starts looking straight. 


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