The Sparkling Story of the Origin of Soda Water

 Soda water is a very popular beverage with huge demand in the market. The soda water plant helps fulfill the demand. Here is a write up on origin of soda water.5-7-19Soda water or carbonated water is a popular form of beverage. There is always a popular demand for soda water and no wonder there is always a need for soda water plant as well. So what is soda water after all? Here’s knowing more about soda water:
• Soda water is actually Carbonated water which contains carbon dioxide gas in a dissolved form. Carbonated water is also called ‘sparkling water’ or ‘seltzer water’.
•  The dissolved gas may be as a result of a natural process found in natural sparkling water or may be injected under pressure in manufactured process. The small bubbles that form in soda water are caused by carbonation. This carbonation gives it the required effervescence.
•  Carbonated water may be naturally found mineral water, commercially manufactured sparking water or club soda. The commercially produced carbonated water may contain other added minerals like sodium bicarbonate, sodium citrate, potassium bicarbonate, etc.
•  The crown of being the inventor of soda water goes to Joseph Priestley. In 1767 he found out a method to infuse water with carbon dioxide. This he discovered when he suspended a bowl with water over a beer vat. The fermenting beer gave rise to a blanket of sir which infused with the water to give it a unique taste. Priestly tasted this water and found it tasty. He gave it to his friends as a refreshing drink. Thus was born the first carbonated water. Priestley’s subsequent experiments with carbonated water led him to publish a paper entitled: Impregnating Water with Fixed Air . Though he received no commercial benefits from this as carbonated water was yet to be popularized but he is considered ‘the ‘father of soft drink’. For this he got the Copley medal in 1772. Incidentally Joseph Priestley also credited with yet another major discovery. He is the one who discovered Oxygen.
•  The title of ‘father of soda-water’ goes to Jacob Schweppes who was of a German-Swiss origin. Jacob went through Joseph Priestley’s findings and discovered a process of producing carbonated mineral water which was more commercially viable. It was his discovery of the process that led to the commercial manufacture of soda water.
•  In the modern day carbonated water is made by injecting of pressurized carbon dioxide into water. Due to the pressure, the solubility increases and thus more carbon dioxide dissolves than would otherwise be possible under normal atmospheric pressure. As the bottle is opened, there is a release of the pressure and gas is allowed to exit the solution. This forms the little bubbles.
• Soda water is the base ingredient for sweetened carbonated beverages.
•  Most soda water contain phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid is known to increase risks of Tooth decay, Osteoporosis and Bone loss.
These are certain interesting facts about soda water. Soda water plant is a profitable business and now there are soda water plant in Kolkata too.