The Rituals of Cookies and Confectionary Beacon For More…


The rituals of cookies and confectionaries might form some ambiguities in the minds but actually, it has been the novel In search of lost time by Marcel Proust leaving behind some inspirational aroma in my mind.  The story revolves around the reminiscing of childhood with the author sipping on a cup of tea and making a frequent noise of his chewing onto the classic French Madeleine biscuits. The big question is how to make them a daily much. Presenting are the biscuit making plant in Kolkata, which allows most of the people to bite on their favourite classics.

Well, the English afternoons are still doing the rounds:

Pre-independence had bestowed much wider things upon the Indians along with their act of brutalities. Undeniable are these historical facts when the clerks working at the governmental offices were gleefully imitating the British customs. There came the intermixing of cultures and taking away with the positives. With the optimistic feeling comes the nutty and fruity biscuit.

Having these biscuits during the tea break was lifted out of the conventional customs of London. It was back in the year 1865 when the 7th Duchess of Bedford at the Langham Hotel experienced a sinking feeling in a sudden afternoon. She asked for a tea and some bread and butter personally and sending an informal invitation to her friends.

Even they are a need for your morning breakfast:

Generally, sons of reputed Zamindars back to the pre-independence sessions have most of the people makes a habit of having their morning breakfast. To these people there sipping on the glass of milk should have some biscuits to make them feel good. Frankly speaking, there have in the realm of this fast paced modern life becomes the need to eat those nutty and crunchy chocolate biscuits. Moreover, for the toddlers, those stars shaped biscuits do amaze them to fill in with a nutritional appetite.

While we are putting too much of our stress on the biscuits but what about the flours required for making the best of muffins, one of the delicious food items of this whole universe. Hands-off to the reputed flour mill in Kolkata to enrich the confectionary houses bake some excellent pastries, cakes, donuts and others. There are the favourites among people irrespective of their age. Saving is their capacity from the ill effects of consuming spicy foods, one of the common reasons of the digestive problems among the people.