The Faqs You Always Wanted To Ask About Mineral Water

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Drinking water is something we all are very cautious about! This is why we do not drink water from here and there but rely on packaged drinking water. This is the reason why packaged drinking water plant in kolkata does a good business. There are many common queries about packaged drinking water. Here are some common FAQs on packaged drinking water:

Knowing about packaged drinking water –

* Is packaged drinking water safer than the corporation drinking water?

Corporation drinking water too is treated and is safe for drinking. However it there is a mild leakage or seepage in the water supply pipes then the water can become contaminated. In case of bottled water you are buying what you are seeing. However it is very important that you purchase good brands and from reliable stores only.

* Since packaged water is available in plastic bottles, is it safe?

Plastics in general may be harmful but a water in a plastic bottle will be unsafe if it is kept for a long period of time and in non-conducive conditions. This is why every good mineral water will have an expiry date printed and you must check that before buying.

* Why does mineral water taste different from ordinary water?

For bottled or mineral water, once it is treated and made safe for drinking, it undergoes a process of re-mineralization where good and helpful minerals are added to it. These added minerals lend a different taste to the water.

* Is it safe to give mineral water to children?

For infants and very small children, it is best to consult paediatricians regarding this. However, in general, mineral water is safe for children. But you must see to it that you purchase it from a good and reliable brand only. Also once opened do not keep the water for a very long time. Do not encourage a child to drink water straight from the bottle – especially using lips. This can contaminate the water. Rather pour in a glass only as much as he needs.

* What are things to check before buying a mineral water?

The brand is always important. Buy bottled water only from reliable brands. Be very careful because many unscrupulous companies copy brand name and logo and sell ordinary water as mineral water. So, double check if the brand is the original one. Check the expiry date. Do not buy bottles whose expiry date you cannot read. Never buy bottles with broken or tampered seal..

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