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Drink Healthy, Stay Healthy – Benefits of Mineral Water

Each and every one of us wants a healthy and fit body. To maintain a healthy regime one must cut off the extra fat and calories from their diet and opt for those foods that do not add to the fat stomach but has some other benefits to offer. When you are thinking to switch to a healthy diet regime you can surely think about adding mineral water in your diet. Apart from keeping you rehydrated, it also offers some other benefits too. Take a look.package drinking water

• Mineral water helps you a lot in losing weight. It keeps you rehydrated without adding too much calories in diet. Generally the soda or juice we consume carries too much calories, added colours and preservatives in it. On the other hand mineral water does not contain any calories or preservatives. Moreover it keeps you rehydrated for a long time.

• Women after their menopause suffer from poor bone health. Mineral water has enough amount of calcium and potassium that contributes to the better bone health, especially for women. If consumed regularly it helps you to maintain better bone health.

• Blood pressure and LDL cholesterol is mainly responsible for heart diseases. Regular consumption of mineral water helps to control blood pressure and LDL cholesterol. The magnesium components of mineral water help to control the pressure and the bad cholesterol. As a result it prevents heart related diseases.

• Regular consumption of mineral water will help you to keep a perfect digestion process. Since it does not carry any harmful components and compound calories, it helps you to keep up the right digestion process.

• Regular consumption of a certain amount of mineral water is necessary to have a perfect health of your kidney. It decreases the chances of developing renal stone.

• To make your skin healthier and glowing mineral water is necessary. High quality of silica helps to strengthen the spongy skin cells that keep the skin young and bright.

The increasing number of packaged drinking water plant shows that people are becoming more conscious about the benefits of mineral water. You also make it a part of your regular diet. Drink healthy, stay fit.

Benefits of treating mineral water and its benefits

You can live without any other beverages, but water is a must. But how do you know if the water you are drinking is pure enough for your consumption. In the current days, many methods and water filtration process is being utilized to make water safe for drinking. People all across the globe need water to survive and that’s an obvious thing. Mineral water plant projects with mineral water treatment is quite a step forward to providing clean and safe water to the people. When water is treated with plant projects, there are many benefits to it. They use water, chemicals that might have harsh effects of chemicals in the water.Mineral Water Plant 2

Through the use of water treatment process, there are many techniques that are certified to have the best quality water that will reach to people in bottled conditions. The mineral water treatment plants use advanced procedures to clean the water and make them sufficient for drinking. Mineral water is known to be curing your stomach well and clear stomach problems from your life. There are many benefits to drinking mineral water daily that is present in the bottled products. Here are some of the benefits:-

Magnesium – it helps reduce stress from your body and makes your immune system much stronger. They are alternatives to energy production, protein metabolism and muscle contraction including blood coagulation.

Sulfate – this is a life giving mineral that is found in good mineral water.

Chloride – this element helps with the digestion process through regulation and maintaining acids like intestines and stomach.

Calcium – there are several mineral water that contains calcium that is important in strengthening the bones as well as teeth.

Iron – packaged mineral water products helps transport oxygen around your body.

Mineral Water Plant Project – an Overview

If you want to drink healthy water, mineral water is your only option. As per the name, mineral water means the water that contains mineral compounds like sulphur compounds, salts etc. There are many mineral water plant projects that are producing water of good quality. Their packaging ensures that the water retains the quality for a long time.

Bottled Mineral

The demand of bottled mineral water has increased drastically since past few years. According to the report, the valuation of the increased sale has reached $75 in 2012
only in the USA. Globally, bottled water, mineral water, purified tap water are in highest demand, as per sales report. The global report also says that that at least 65 million bottled water has been consumed in only the USA. Globally, it is approximately 250 million.

minaral water plant

Benefits of Mineral Water

There are many benefits of consuming mineral water every day.

• The motto of mineral water plant projects is to make our immune system stronger and reduce the body stress. Magnesium is one of the essential mineral to serve the

purpose. Consuming mineral water means increase of magnesium in our body.
• Mineral water contains chloride that regulates and maintains acids in stomach and intestine and helps in digestion process.
• Sulphate and calcium, which is often found in best quality mineral water and helps to strengthen our bones.
• Iron, which plays quite important role in forming blood cells, is present in this water. So, it is good to drink this water for health.
• Apart from all these mineral compounds, this water is free from arsenic and other harmful chemicals that are often used to purify it after collecting from natural resources.

The Work Process of the Mineral Water Plant Project

There are a series of stages of the purification of water. They are:-

• Disinfection:- This stage is necessary to kill the bacteria in water.
• Aeration:- The stage to remove the iron and manganese from water.
• Sedimentation:- The stage to remove the solids.
• Filtration:- To remove the dust particles from water.
• Desalination:- The process to remove excess salt from water.

The Water Treatment Process Is An Important Step Towards Green Future

Water is essential for life. Clean, safe and hygienic water is synonymous to health. With increasing pollution and degrading water body conditions water treatment plants are being set up.

Water treatment processes consists of various other procedures like:

Liquid aluminum sulphate is added to the untreated water. The tiny particles of dirt stick to each other because of this and keep forming bigger and heavier particles forming flocs.

The flocs are allowed precipitate during this process. This precipitated residue is called sludge.

Water passes through several filters made of sand, gravel and crushed anthracite. The suspended impurities are collected and separated from the water.

Water must be disinfected before it is sent to the distribution system. The disease causing viruses, bacteria, parasites are destroyed. Chlorine is one of the most used disinfectants.

Sludge drying:
The sediments that are collected at the end of the sedimentation process are removed in the drying lagoons.

This process controls the amount of free fluoride ion present in the community water.

pH correction:images
Lime is often added to filtered water to balance the pH level,This softens water.

Water softening plants are installed in most of the industries which need to use water a lot for example textile industries.

The soft water does not soil the plumbing easily and does not react violently with the detergent too.

Packaged drinking water is highly demanded in the 21st century. This is because people are turning over to the safe option of water consumption. Packaged drinking water plants are developing and increasing their production every day to meet the demand.