Some Amazing Benefits of Mineral Water That You Did Not Know About

Mineral water plant in kolkata

In a country like India the need for mineral water is rather high given the poor quality of tap water. Ever since the 90’s the bottled water industry has seen a steady growth. Some of it is due to increased awareness about health matters- the proliferation of the tourism industry can also be seen as a cause. The number of mineral water plant in Kolkata too is on the rise to meet the pressing demands of the time.

Water constitutes almost 75% of every human body. So it should come as no surprise that drinking the right kind of water, i.e. mineral water will positively impact us.

Here are some ways in which mineral water can prove to be good for our health :-
  • Maintains bone health– A lot of women, especially after menopause notice corrosion in the bones and it even leads to osteoporosis in some cases. Mineral water contains calcium which is known to lower the chances of that happening.
  • Detoxes the bodyA lot of harmful substances accumulate in our body due to our regular consumption of unhealthy food items or perhaps due to habits such as drinking and smoking. Having a glass of mineral water on an empty stomach can help your body get rid of all toxic components that lurk within your system.
  • Reduces risk of stomach upsetsA drinking water purification plant has the capability of eliminating all kinds of dust particles, bacteria and viruses. So these microscopic particles and organisms that can wreak havoc in your digestive system are effectively terminated thus saving you from the risk of getting an upset stomach.
  • Prevents kidney stones-When too much calcium oxalate build up in our system we end up having kidney stones. Increasing fluid intake in general is a good idea. But mineral water especially has exceptional qualities in destroying calcium oxalate build ups. Therefore, regular intake of mineral water will reduce the risks of you developing kidney stones.
  • It is the key to having gorgeous skin-Mineral water is loaded with silica which is a bonus gift for your skin. It strengthens the spongy cells that lie between collagen and elastin tissue cells. This makes your skin bounce with more ease and less prone to development of wrinkles. Apart from drinking it you can also include it in your beauty regime to heighten the effects. Use it to remove makeup or soak cotton balls in mineral water to apply on your skin before using a moisturiser.
  • Other benefits-Pains, itches and acne are known to lessen with the consumption of mineral water.

So remember to keep your body hydrated with mineral water at all times.