Smart Tips To Maintain Your Excellent Water Treatment Plant

Why bother your water treatment plant manufacturer in Kolkata when you can do it yourself? Read this blog and know the tips to maintain your water treatment plant. 

To ensure the effective functioning of your water treatment plant, you must offer periodic maintenance. Additionally, every water manufacturer in Kolkata suggests inspecting your system from time to time. A small failure or lapse can result in irreparable damages in your pipeline which may further cause permanent losses. So, use these tips and prevent such mishaps. 

How Do I Keep My Water Treatment Plant New-Like Forever? 

Conserving a water treatment plant is not too difficult. All you need to do is be regular with your inspection. Moreover, when you witness damage or a faulty system, act on it immediately. This will not only save your additional costs but also protect the plant from irreparable losses. There are various factors leading to damage in a smoothly-running water plant. However, check our essential guide and make sure to keep your plant safe and new-like. 

  1. While performing daily rounds, make sure that the system has pressure within its limits. Because exceeding it can cause too much pressure on the plant. 
  2. Secondly, inspect its airline return to ensure the effectiveness of the water treatment plant. Also, don’t forget to check the flow through the clear plastic pipe available after its installation. In doing so, you will further find a clear sludge passing through the tubes to the aeration chamber. It is proof that your plant is working properly. 
  3. To assure the improved efficiency of your system, install a bio-pac every week on it. Furthermore, the bio-pac possesses aerobic bacteria which activates when you place it in hot water. 
  4. After some time, the sludge accumulates in the aeration tank and results in blockage. Besides, one can measure this sludge accumulation or suspended dirt particles in mg or litre. Next, take the sludge sample in a conical flask provided by the manufacturer. 
  5. Additionally, you must check the level of biological oxygen demand inside your water treatment system. Ensure that the BOD does not exceed 50 mg/ltr because it can damage your system’s efficiency.
  6. If your water treatment plant has a UV disinfection system installed, never forget to change its UV lamp. Seek the help of your manufacturer in this case. 
  7. Finally, a water plant has both high and low-level limit switches. Make sure these switches are in great working condition at all times. 


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