What To know About Packaged Drinking Water From Plants In Kolkata

packaged drinking water plant in kolkata

For the treatment such as a combination of filtration, filtration, decantation, filtration with a membrane filter, activated carbon filtration, aeration, remineralization, activated carbon filtration and much other procedure to meet prescribed packed and standard water, packaged drinking water plant in Kolkata derives water from any source to purify. The water is further purified so that all the disinfected germs get away.

 # Water Which Is Been Used For Packaged Drinking Water

The plant takes the water from any source which includes public drinking aqua from municipal supplies, bore well, and other sources and then treats to produce the packaged drinking water. Provided the source remains the same, the supply of such O2 through tankers or pipelines would be acceptable for the plants to use.

# What Are Types Of Water Treatment

In order to control the microorganisms to a certain level, the plant may disinfect the aqua by the use of chemicals. By silver ionization, ultraviolet treatment, and ozonation the plant implies various means for disinfecting the aqua. For direct use without any further treatment, the aqua is sealed in containers of various shapes, sizes and types made of plastic materials permitted and registered under ISS.


In the plant, the water is added with the positive charge of chemicals. This neutralizes the negative charge of dirt as well as other particles in water. Creating larger particles, these particles bind the chemicals which are called flocculation.

# Sedimentation

The process of sedimentation is also used for the treatment of water by plants. This sedimentation is needed as often sediments get deposited in the bottom of the water.

# Filtration

The filtration is one of the best procedures, which is been used in the plants. The filters which are being used for the plants include gravel, sand, and charcoal.

# Disinfection:

Often the plant may add chlorine to disinfect the water. This kills the bacteria and parasites within the water.

 # Adding Of Minerals

By the procedure of remineralization, the mineral water plant in Kolkata adds mineral to the packaged drinking water. There is the addition of ingredients in the packaged drinking water. With more minerals than the bottled aqua, mineral h2o is being created by the plants. These minerals can add a lot of taste to the aqua, along with flavor. For the daily consumption, this water is very suitable. From the water, which is processed by the plants, you can also get healthy nutrients.

 # Conclusion:

Bottled water and packed mineral water are the ones which can provide great relief to the human being. If you are looking for a turnkey solution, then you need to look to “Priti International”.