Managing Drinking Water During This COVID-19 Crisis

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We are very cautious about the water we drink. Whether we are at home or outside we always see to it that we get the best quality water. This is the reason why mineral water plant in kolkata is a very lucrative business in Kolkata. This COVID-19 situation however is teaching us many lessons and one of them is how to make good and judicious use of drinking water. Here are some tips on drinking water management during this crisis period:

Drinking Water Basics – 

* Drinking adequate water: This is one time when we all need to keep ourselves healthy. For this it is necessary to drink adequate quantity of water. Normally 2 to 3 liters of water for adults is recommended. A minimum of 10 glasses of water is good for the body. Most often the elderly or the children forget to drink water or do not drink adequate water. Keep reminding them about drinking water. However for the elderly, especially with kidney ailments, it is always important to consult with doctors about the water intake. For the elderly try to give them warm water at times, especially if they have a cold, it will give them much relief.

* Conserving water: It is important to ensure that water is not wasted – even drinking water. When you are giving water to a child or the elderly pour out only a little quantity of water at a time. Most often they cannot drink a lot of water together. So give them little and only when they ask for more pour it out. If you can drink water by gently pouring down the throat and not sipping through lips it is good. In that case you can keep the leftover water covered for your next use.

* Water safety: Drinking safe water during this time is a must. Unsafe drinking water may lead to conditions like diarreah which may weaken your immunity system. During this time it is always important to keep the immunity high. So drink bottled water or water from purifier. If you do not have access to any of these you can boil water, cool it and then use for drinking.

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