Know About The Semi Automatic Sleeve Wrapper Machine

semi-automatic sleeve wrapper machine

One of the most crucial and critical factors of the packaging industry is shrink wrapping. It is nothing but a plastic polymer film that is put around a product loosely. After that, they apply heat to the thing so that it shrinks. Industries usually use a heat tunnel or conveyor to let the film pass through it. Hence, the film wraps and seal itself automatically around a product. This machine is what we call the semi automatic sleeve wrapper machine. They are extremely popular in industrial uses nowadays. Let us know more about this miraculous machine. 

How Does A Semi Automatic Shrink Wrapper Machine Works?

There are many ways in which this helps.

  • Helps give stability to the products, thus helping to avoid damages from movements as the packages come in bulk. This makes it easy to handle the products.

  •  The storage of the products also becomes easier.

  • It protects against moisture, dust and exposure to sunlight

  • It is a protection against pilferage and tampering.

Variants of Semi Automatic Sleeve Wrapper: 

There are majorly three variants:

  • Turntable wrappers: Here the load which needs wrapping is done by placing it on a turntable. The turntable then spins the load against the film roll. As the turntable rotates, the film stretches and sleeps around products. This type of machine is mainly for stretch films.

  • Orbital wrappers: The load here remains still while the horizontal ring which carries the film rotates around the load.

  • Rotary arm wrappers: In this system, the load is kept still while there is a rotating arm which turns and wraps the load. This system is good for light loads.

What Are The Functions Of A Semi Automatic Sleeve Wrapper Machine?

The functions of a Semi-automatic sleeve wrapping machine are as follows:

  •  The Semi-Automatic shrink wrapping machine performs two functions. It Seals & Shrinks at the same time.

  • Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrap Machines help in packing of irregular shaped items or products which are relatively large. It is good for companies which do not require high-speed packaging.

  • A good semi-automatic shrink wrapping machine has the following specifications:

  • Heavy Duty and Robust Construction

  • Sealing arm which is Pneumatically Operated

  • Dancing Roll Film unwinding

  • Easily mountable film roll

  • Manual/ Inline Feed/ Cross-feed Product Pusher

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