Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Sleeve Wrapper Machines

semi-automatic sleeve wrapper machine

Sleeve wrapping is a process that lets you collate different products into specific measured quantities during storage and delivery. This keeps the products clean, safe, and damage-free. Buying a semi-automatic sleeve wrapper machine can be a huge investment. Therefore you need to be doubly sure before taking the deep plunge. You can opt for a new range model or buy a second-hand one, but the most important thing you need to check is the equipment should be functional and efficient.

Important Criteria to Check before Buying the right equipment-

  • Frequency: At the initial stage you need to know what your requirements are. As only then you will be able to purchase equipment that meets your demands. If you need to use the machine for daily use, it is imperative you choose one that has a higher frequency range. This will give you more efficiency and it will be able to handle all your tasks at a great speed. With a low-frequency range, the machine will have minimum production capacity.

  • Heating technicalities: Heavy-duty consignments go into secure wrapping, where the first process involves 200 degrees temperature heat. It is then thoroughly cooled and tightly shrink-wrapped. Thus, heating technicality should be a safe and secure process. Some equipment has faulty heating functions which you should cautiously check before making the final deal.

  • Type of shrink film: The type of shrink wrap you use should be compatible with the machine you are about to purchase. The finer and higher the quality of shrink wrap used, the more efficient and high-tech your products should be. Moreover, the clarity of the wrap is an essential part of your products’ presentation. This will ensure that the final packaged item has consistent quality, is attractive for customers, and devoid of errors.

  • Shrink tunnel settings: For clean and clear packing the shrink wrapping tunnel is one of the keys to success. Since the expanding and shrinking process is intricate, you need to find the right equipment that handles all these loopholes effortlessly. Even after purchasing the right product you need to regularly assess your shrink film quality. This will give you an insight into whether there are any defects in the shrink tunnel or not.

Semi-automatic sleeve wrapper machines are highly productive as they have the capacity to wrap 8-14 products per minute. Also, such machines are less costly than automatic ones.


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