Explore The Possibilities Of Establishing A Fruit Juice Plant

juice plant

Enhanced standard of living and a rise in health awareness increases the demand for fruit juices. Hence, setting up a juice plant in Kolkata is lucrative.

Organic fruit juices are something that every diet-conscious person needs. A lot of fruit juice combinations address specific body needs. They also reduce nutritional deficiencies, thereby increasing strength. Here are some tips to establish your personal fruit juice plant in Kolkata

Steps To Establish Your Fruit Juice Manufacturing Plant 

1. The Basics 

Before setting up your juice processing industry, you have to keep in mind several points. Firstly, you need to begin with a specific product. Check the selling ability of that product. Next, your investment amount depends on the choice you make. On the other hand, your revenue depends on the type and size of your industry. 

2. The Market Prospective

Packaged fruit juice is the fastest-growing product in the beverage industry. It has had a CAGR of over 30 per cent in the last decade. At present, our country’s packaged fruit juice market consists of INR 1,100 crores. This boost is the ultimate impact of the increasing number of health-conscious consumers. 

3. Licenses You Will Need

For setting up any business literally, you need a license. Therefore, the juice manufacturing plant is no exception. The list goes like this:

  • A registration of your industry which will show its proprietorship
  • GST registration
  • SSI or MSME registration
  • EPF registration
  • Trademark to protect your brand against legal actions 
  • ESI registration for employees in your unit
  • Compliance with the FPO act
  • IEC Code and
  • FSSAI license. It stands for The Food Safety and Standard Authority of India license

Different Types Of Fruit Juices And Their Production Process

There are various types of fruit juices available in the market. However, the process of producing them is also different. 

1. Mango Juice

Processes include washing, sorting, peeling, destoning and then, pulping. Later, it goes for filtration, degassing, homogenization, concentration, sterilization and packaging. 

2. Orange Juice 

The procedure for orange juice production starts with the sorting and washing of equipment. Further, it goes through the machine of essential oil extraction. Later, the fruits are peeled and squeezed and the juice goes inside the refining machine. It finally enters the filling machine. 

3. Litchi Juice

An entire litchi processing plant involves:

  • A roller fruit sorting machine
  • Fruit surfing washing equipment
  • Scraper fruit elevator

Before it undergoes peeling, there are other processes like core removing and pulping. 

Hence, these are the different kinds of fruit juices. Some of them also undergo the process of sterilization. 


With these tips in mind, you can easily build your own fruit juice plant in Kolkata. For more expert tips, get in touch with Priti International. They manufacture fruit processing equipment and sell them at relatively low prices. So, what are you waiting for?