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Various types of water treatment plants and their significance

Water treatment plans are known to be using various methodologies that were invented by us in order to save this very precious resources from getting depleted. With the help of water plants, water is treated by mankind to sustain this precious resource and turn them into clean and drinkable water. They are made drinkable for humans. With a sudden boom in human population, the use of water has increased, thus  naturally being depleted every day.mineral water plant
In this article we talk about some of the mineral water plants for treatment and their natural uses. There are various equipments and chemicals that are applied to clean the water to make it safe for drinking purposes. Some of the common forms of water purification systems include chlorination, disinfection, coagulation, filtration and sedimentation. Here are a few of them:-
Packaged water treatment plant – They are purified by reduction of COD in the water. Some of the common forms of techniques includes coagulation, reverse osmosis and precipitation to separate solids from the water.
Ozone based plants –This is done to treat pool water, ozone based plants are used so that it can disinfect water when required.
Waste water treatment plants – impurities and samples are collected from industries, homes and various other places to purify them and make it drinkable.
Bottle water treatment – The water is treated before they are packages in drinking waters for consumers. Millions are consuming bottled water from time to time.
Mobile plants – they are best for heating during calamities including the past several years. They are used to treat water for calamitites and emergencies. This procedure is used to purify water from the small particles in the water.

These are some of the common procedures in cleaning water and making them drinkable.

Setting up a mineral water plant is a lucrative option

Mineral water plant can be a great business investment

“Water, water everywhere, nor a drop to drink”. The famous line by Samuel Taylor Coleridge speaks of an ominous situation. While we are surrounded by sea on all sides, the rate of increase in water pollution is certainly making this true to a large extent. Mineral water is probably the only life saving option for travellers. With the demand of mineral water ever increasing, setting up your own mineral water plant can be a great business initiative; given you have the resource to do so.


Checklist before setting up mineral water plant

If you are planning to set up your mineral water plant and establish a proper business, be sure to check out the following points –

  • Market research and survey – If you wish your business to flourish it is very important that you do some proper research and survey to get to know about the market and the available resources as well as the competition in the market. It is very important that you know the rates at which mineral water is available in the market as well as the major suppliers and distributors and the rate at which they are being offered the mineral water bottles.

  • Decide the product basket mix – Take a survey to know what the general trend of the market you will be catering to is. At some places 1 litre bottles are more popular, while at others 5 litres or even 20 litres are sold in bulk. Then there are the regions where you need to send small pouches or 500 ml bottles. Knowing your market will help you reduce wastage and optimally use your resources.

  • Prepare plant blueprint – It is essential that you have a good idea about the size of the mineral water plant you are going to set up. Take the size of the machinery and the warehouse into consideration for this purpose. Logistics should also be pre-planned.

  • Check out the available land space in the region which suits your needs and requirements. While setting up any mineral water plant you must also take into consideration the logistics involved in sending the bottles to the market.

  • Plan the entire operation from scratch to ensure smooth functioning.

Mineral Water Plant Project – an Overview

If you want to drink healthy water, mineral water is your only option. As per the name, mineral water means the water that contains mineral compounds like sulphur compounds, salts etc. There are many mineral water plant projects that are producing water of good quality. Their packaging ensures that the water retains the quality for a long time.

Bottled Mineral

The demand of bottled mineral water has increased drastically since past few years. According to the report, the valuation of the increased sale has reached $75 in 2012
only in the USA. Globally, bottled water, mineral water, purified tap water are in highest demand, as per sales report. The global report also says that that at least 65 million bottled water has been consumed in only the USA. Globally, it is approximately 250 million.

minaral water plant

Benefits of Mineral Water

There are many benefits of consuming mineral water every day.

• The motto of mineral water plant projects is to make our immune system stronger and reduce the body stress. Magnesium is one of the essential mineral to serve the

purpose. Consuming mineral water means increase of magnesium in our body.
• Mineral water contains chloride that regulates and maintains acids in stomach and intestine and helps in digestion process.
• Sulphate and calcium, which is often found in best quality mineral water and helps to strengthen our bones.
• Iron, which plays quite important role in forming blood cells, is present in this water. So, it is good to drink this water for health.
• Apart from all these mineral compounds, this water is free from arsenic and other harmful chemicals that are often used to purify it after collecting from natural resources.

The Work Process of the Mineral Water Plant Project

There are a series of stages of the purification of water. They are:-

• Disinfection:- This stage is necessary to kill the bacteria in water.
• Aeration:- The stage to remove the iron and manganese from water.
• Sedimentation:- The stage to remove the solids.
• Filtration:- To remove the dust particles from water.
• Desalination:- The process to remove excess salt from water.

Five mistakes you should not do while setting up mineral water plant

Mineral water is the healthiest type of bottled water. You can do good business by setting up a mineral water plant or a packaged drinking water plant.

Mineral water is the healthiest type of bottled water. Drinking it regularly enhances our overall well-being. Several mineral water plant projects have been undertaken in different parts of the country. You can do good business by setting up a mineral water plant or a packaged drinking water plant.

Mineral water plant

Mineral water plant

Let us discuss five mistakes you must avoid to have good business.

1. No proper market research- You should do proper market research. Go out in the area and do an extensive research about the rate at which people buy water there, from where do they buy and schemes offered to them by the supplier. In fact this is the best place for doing your market research.

2. Not finalizing the product mix – In some places mineral water bottles are more popular while in other places, water pouches have better sale. For example if you want to have your business within city limit, twenty litres jars are very much in demand. Hence better to go for that initially

3. Not properly deciding the Land, Building Size, Machinery- Select a proper supplier for your turnkey mineral water plant.

4. No proper plant outlet- The layout is an extremely important thing. By a proper plant layout, you can have an idea about the accommodation. You can also decide where the machines will be placed and how much space will be left and many more issues.

5. No proper plan – Maximum people do not plan their project properly. You should always keep in mind that planning is the ultimate key behind the success of your project.

Keeping these few points in mind will immensely help you in your business. Since safe drinking water is very much in important, being in this business is very much profitable.