Buy Semi-Automatic Sleeve Wrapping Machine at Best Price & Quality

semi-automatic sleeve wrapper machine

A sleeve wrapper is actually a packaging machine that is more efficient than polythene packaging. A semi-automatic sleeve wrapper machine is the best answer for all questions regarding an affordable shrink wrapper. The equipment delivers complete professional performance and at the same time is well within your budget. 

Working Procedure: How products are stretch wrapped?

Today different kinds of stretch wrapping materials are flooding the market. A majority of products vary in style, design, quality, cost, and performances. But the one thing that is common to all is they have similar working procedures.

  • At first, all the products are packed in crates and cartoons accordingly.

  • After proper packaging, these products pass through the packaging machine where wrapping materials run through on the exterior.

  • The major advantage of this kind of set-up is the products do not have to go through uneven packaging. The wrapping material outside holds the product to packed more firmly.

  • To enhance efficiency you can use a better and stronger wrapper transparent.

Variants of Stretch Wrapping Machine:-

In a broader sense, there are two variants of Stretch Wrapping Machine:-

  1. Automatic or semi-automatic sleeve sealer: Since most of these machines are programmed to work automatically, therefore they can push, deliver, and seal easily.

  2. Box Strapping machine: this can be an efficient addition of all your projects. Provides ideal wrapping solution and has extravagant use in airports, tile factories, welding, etc.

The types of products that are shrink wrapped with Semi-automatic sleeve wrapper:-

  • Products used in building: timber, paint pots

  • Household products: Wooden frame objects, workwear,

  • Food containers: containers, bottles.

Benefits of A Semi-Automatic Sleeve Wrapper Machine:-

For companies that have to wrap thousands of products per day, a semi-automatic shrink or a sleeve wrapper is an excellent machine.

  1. Protects well from moisture, dust, and breakage.

  2. Since manually wrapping products is time-consuming and tedious. Semi-automatic Shrink Wrapper Machine saves your time.

  3. Sater wrapping due to the presence of productive features.

  4. Has safety measures, therefore no more worrying about risks.

  5. Saves your business money from buying wrapping films.

  6. All your stretch wrapped bulk products ensure better wrapping and lesser damage

  7. Helps in improving your control over inventory

  8. An efficient and productive line of work is what you can expect from a semi-automatic wrapper machine.

The cost involved in purchasing an automatic machine is way more than a manual machine. Though you may have to shell quite a few bucks from your pocket the investment is all worthwhile. Production levels are fairly consistent, as these semi-automatic machines are highly productive. With a capacity to wrap 8-14 products per minute, you can clearly understand its worth.

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