Know Something About the Automatic Sleeve Wrapper

automatic sleeve wrapper

Distinguished from other types of shrink wrapping machine, Automatic Sleeve Wrapper is a type of machine in which two ends of packaging has two trimmings of the package have an opening. This is often called ‘Bulls Eye’. For bundling a wide range of variety of products, sleeve wrapper is an excellent solution and is often called bundler.

To fully automatic with collating, the wrapper is available in a wide range of configurations and size capacities. Between the cased products, the speed generally gets decreased. For transit purpose, the wrap manuals have two reels sleeve wrapping machine and are used for lowest cost method of producing a shrink wrap. Get in touch with Priti International in order to get the right machine.

The sleeve wrapper machine consists of M25.40T shrink tunnel and FE sleeve wrapper. In order to provide great mobility to the wrapping solution, each machine uses a13 amp single phase electricity.

Enveloping the product, the product which is to be wrapped is physically pushed through the curtain of film. By sealing after cutting the film produces a loose sleeve of film around the product, as the sealing jaw is then brought down by hand. By enveloping the product, the product is wrapped in a manual process through the curtain of film. For products up to 550mm wide and 440mm high, the automatic sleeve wrapping machine is suitable.

 Additional Features:-

  •  Easy change And Access of pusher -Thanks to the excellent access to the relevant part of the sleeve wrapper machine, the pusher takes seconds to replace.
  •  Out Feed Belt- Useful for the heavy or unstable collations, the powered outfeed belt drives the pack automatically into the shrink tunnel.


  • To surpass the C. E-marketing regulations, these machines are fully safeguarded.
  •  To provide years of service, these machines are heavily constructed.
  •    These machines are available with infeed arrangements and variety of sealing sizes.
  •   These machines are intuitive and easy to operate.

Additional Benefits:-

  • To reduce the production time, these wrappers generate high development speed.
  • For providing consistently strong seals, a heavy duty sealing blade is used.
  • For ease of ease, automatic shrink film feed is used.

Conclusion:- In the end, it can be said that the sleeve wrapper machine is one of the key machines which is used for wrapping up of various bottles and one can come to Priti International to check the machinery.