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Your Only Solution to Bulk Packaging Needs: Sleeve Wrapper Machines

semi-automatic sleeve wrapper machine

A sleeve wrapper is a packaging machine designed for resistant polyethylene film packaging. It is a versatile option and package use to pack a variety of products.  We know the amount of hard work that you put into seeing your business progress is definitely commendable. Thus, even a small scratch or dent can ruin or disrupt your finished products. Sleeve wrapping or shrink wrapping ensures that your customers and clients get products in the right condition avoiding any kind of breakage or leakage.

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Guaranteed Success with Turnkey Project: Key Advantages

turnkey project consultants

When we think of turnkey business solutions, the few things that come to mind are reduced effort, less hassle, & a perfectly constructed or designed project in a completed state. You can hire turnkey project consultants to finish the entire project from design, construction, manufacturing, to packaging and distribution. The owner gets to lay his hand on the project once it is fully operational and functional.  Continue reading

Flour Milling Plants: Process of Manufacturing Flour from Wheat

turnkey basis flour mill in kolkata

Birthdays are incomplete without cakes. The sweet, spongy, creamy delight in different mouth-watering flavors is what makes birthdays special and most of us cannot wait to dive into it the moment we see it on our plate. But have you ever wondered about the making of the flour, an important ingredient that goes into making such heavenly delicacies? Turnkey basis flour mills in Kolkata is the ultimate machinery that converts grains into wheat from which we get flour consequently.

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Crucial Factors to Consider before Venturing into Flour Mill Business


If you are considering venturing into a  turnkey basis flour mill business in Kolkata. It is going to be a good business. After decades of research and technology accumulation, it can be rightfully said that India has broken all records and made headway in manufacturing equipment for flour mills and the graining process.

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