Are You a Licensed Packaged Drinking Water Plant?

Mineral water plantLicense forms a major part of any enterprise that wishes to work and serve on a permanent note. In fact a license is an authorisation provided by the government providing you with the permission to  operate and run your business freely in a required area.

Compromising on the quality of drinking water is an absolute “no”. Believe it or not, impure water happens to be one of the prime sources of several contagious diseases. Termed as water-borne diseases, they can be fatal to almost life taking. With technology having made a rapid advance, a mineral water plant has transformed into the need of the hour. Purification of water proves to be an essential thing in an era where a major portion of the water, 3% to be precise, made available is contaminated.

Speaking of a packaged drinking water plant, a licensed one is the most sought after. In fact the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has made it absolutely mandatory for every packaged water plant to possess a license of their own. Rules have been laid down strictly prohibiting the presence or operating of any such plant that does not have a license.

ISI certification is mandatory for all plants

Packages water sold in any form, be it bottled, in packets or in pouches, it is mandatory for every manufacturer to make it a point that he applies for a license. The right kind of documentations are a must have to enable you keep your plant from trouble when it comes the assessment of food quality and standards. The registration process might indeed prove to be a lengthy one as you need to make sure of the fact that you have every bit of documentation required to set up a plant.

The Indian Standard Institute (ISI) is what terms you company to be safe enough to supply quality packaged drinking water out in the market. After necessary quality checks, a green signal that acts as one of the highest form of certification to establish your presence in the market. It happens to be the most recognized certification all across the Indian subcontinent. When in look out for the most appropriate of all turnkey project solutions in Kolkata, make sure that you opt for one that has a registered license certified the government and the food standards.

Get them all

A successful plant can only be run with the availability of the right kind of documentations like the BIS and the FSSAI license. The need to get yourself certified by all the necessary licensures is that it gives you a sense of satisfaction of being free from the hassles of being rejected or harassed by any of the standards. The Indian government has been making it a point to remove or shut done companies and plants that are currently operating without a license. Water happens to be the elixir of life. With millions of people consuming large quantities of water on a regular basis, it is the foremost responsibility of any plant to make it a point that the health standards are looked into and taken care of.