4 Important Mineral Water Minerals Optimally Maintained By a Mineral Water Plant

A powerful mineral water plant produces drinking water which is the purest and safest for our health. The need of packaged drinking water plant in Kolkata is on the rise since it effectively maintains the exact quantities of all the essential minerals in the produced water consuming which we can maintain personal hygiene.


Mineral water is soft water rich in various minerals which are essential for maintaining appreciable health. High quality mineral water contains the appropriate respective quantities of all these essential minerals. Mineral water consumption has greatly increased in people throughout Kolkata in recent years because health-consciousness in people has immensely increased. Accordingly, the demand of powerful Mineral water plant in Kolkata is on the rise. Tap water is contaminated and on consumption, it harms our health in various ways. Mineral water consumption on a regular basis ensures sound health of an individual, and makes his/her body highly resistant to various diseases. A robust mineral water plant produces water which contains the right amount of all the essential minerals which is most beneficial for our health. Most importantly, it increases the respective quantities of various minerals present in the water to the most favourable level. These minerals are described below:


These are supplied to the water from fertilizers and animal waste. Water containing high amount of nitrates is heavily harmful for babies under 6 months age and for pregnant women. These nitrates get decomposed in the digestive tract in the babies and form nitrites. These nitrites, on getting mixed with the haemoglobin of the baby’s blood to produce methemoglobin which does not transport oxygen. This results in Blue Baby Disease. A premium quality mineral water plant prevents the nitrate content in the water from rising above 45 mg per litre.


The equipment restricts the aluminium quantity in the water at the most beneficial level.Water with high aluminium content causes Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in people.


A high efficiency mineral water plant maintains a favourable amount of Sodium in the consumable water. Water with excessive amount of Sodium is dangerous to consume for people who have high blood pressure.


Normal groundwater contains these minerals as sulphate salts which also contain Calcium, Magnesium and Sodium. These sulphates are beneficial to human health. They help in maintaining healthy skin, facilitate digestion, improve blood circulation, prevent the liver from being harmed and minimize muscle cramps. The most efficient mineral water plant ensures that the sulphates content in the water does not rise above 500 mg per litre which gives the water a bitter taste and causes loose motion for an individual.

Mineral water is the safest option for drinking purposes and it helps us in maintaining personal hygiene. It improves our immunization power against various harmful diseases. It also improves our digestive power. But the best quality mineral water can be obtained only if the various minerals which are contained in it are effectively maintained in the right amounts. This can only be achieved by the production of mineral water by high functionality mineral water plant.

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