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Drinking Water Plant and Fruit Juice Processing Make up a Significant Industrial Segment

The demand for packaged drinking water does not fluctuate much. It is normally high during summer months and steady during winter or rains. Though there is not much in this product it takes a complete manufacturing setup for its processing, bottling and packaging. Drinking water plant is a complete industry as it requires investment in form of land and machineries. Though most of the processes of water purification and bottling are automated there is requirement for human resources also.
Fruit Juice Machine
Unlike other manufactured food products the raw material for packaged water is available readily and at negligible cost. The cost involved in drinking water industry is mainly incurred for its purification, bottling, and packaging. Raw water may be sourced from spring, well, river and even from municipal sources. Water purification is necessary when it is sourced from municipal authorities, rivers, and wells. Spring water is usually contamination free and has beneficial dissolved mineral constituents like sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, bicarbonates and silica.

Water from other sources is made to go through a purification process involving mechanical filtration, followed by reverse-osmosis treatment and exposure to ultra-violet rays. Thereafter the bottling and packaging is totally automated.

Fruit juice industry

Fruit juice is one item whose demand soars during summer time. Apart from water it contains essential minerals, and vitamins that are vital for human body. This beverage is processed in a fruit juice plant through a mechanized and automated process. High standards of hygiene are maintained in these juice processing plants as even the slightest contamination could lead to spoiling of an entire batch of processed juice.

Fruit Juice PlantUnlike water, the sourcing of fruits is tougher and it’s manufacturing more time consuming and exhaustive. The entire process of juice manufacturing involves selection and sourcing of fruits, extraction of juice, straining and filtration, pasteurization, blending, filling, and packing. Fruit juice processing is an organized industry and even involves multinational corporations.

The Solution to the Hottest Summers Ever

It’s too hot this year. Many weather experts have observed and have even felt that this year’s summers have been the hottest ever in the past ten to fifteen years. Many people also feel that the temperature in Indian Cities like Kolkata is surpassing places like Dubai. Now these trends are really worrying as they can be assessed as the initial signs of global warming. The burning of the skin resulting to further skin problems is also a scary thing to worry about due to this extremely hot weather.

Water Treatment ProcessApart from these problems, another grave problem which is arising is the scarcity of pure and drinkable aqua. Many aqua bodies tend to dry up during such hot conditions like rivers, ponds and lakes. Thanks to modernized technology that machinery like a water treatment plant is there to purify any available aqua source in the vicinity of the machinery set up.

These machines have the capability to set up a process which can purify any kind of aqua. Such an aqua may be impure in nature that too to its height or it may be even be toxic. We can even see that if it’s impure then causes may be “natural” like bacterial or fungal infections. On the other hand aqua being impure may also have “chemical” causes like having presence of materials like organic and inorganic chemicals within the aqua. They come due to industrial wastes being directly thrown into aqua bodies.

Water Treatment PlantIf the industry is to be blamed for the impurification of aqua then it’s the industry has only come to its quality’s rescue. Let’s see that in the decades to come how far this natural resource purification problem solving reaches. Time will only tell.

The power of Aqua in Summers

It’s the fact that the things which exist on earth in rare quantity are considered as precious. Another fact also exists which states that the things which are not available to human beings or any other living beings for that matter are also considered to be precious if not rare. Aqua in its purest form is considered to be a very precious entity that too in summers.

It’s so as many aqua bodies like rivers, ponds and so on dry up during the summer season due to excessive evaporation. Unfortunately, such resources are reservoirs of pure aqua but they don’t last long in liquid form until the next heavy rains.Capture16464646646

Looking at all such worrisome trends prevailing in our society, we can infer that time has come when we should look towards purifying impure or contaminated aqua. Sea is a huge water body but the aqua it consists of as we all know is salty and misfit for drinking.

Now it seems that a mineral water plant project has a crucial role to play in our society, especially during these sultry summers. Many business brands have been harping on this idea of setting up such machinery to clean up unclean aqua. Such set ups have been extremely helpful in the manufacturing of so many packaged aqua bottles in the market.

Such projects incur a very high cost while setting them up. In spite of a large capital such machinery is very important to set up so that aqua can be made drinkable for the common masses. Even the running costs alias operating costs are quite high but then safety of the masses matter first.