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Why packaged drinking water is better than tap water

This plant is a water based company that caters to the need for clean water or mineral water. Packaged drinking water plant includes DM plant, sewage treatment plant and many other forms of plants that are used to purify or produce water and are made them drinkable. Priti international is a mineral water plant that uses various water
purification methods to provide you with clean and drinking water. Water treatment process is a must before it is safe for drinking or any other hygienic purposes.mineral water plant

There are 2 model types that include economic model and premium model. There are 500 LPH, 1000LPH, 1500LPH, 2000LPH, 3000LPH models.     Bottled water is a very smart choice. According to the international bottled water association, they have laid down some rules and limitations that are to be followed before they are bottled and packaged.  Safety measures are adopted to purify the water and make them drinkable.Priti International has other industrial products including the mineral water plant, soda water plant, fruit juice plant, bakery plant, wafer and bakery plant, candy and chocolate plants, flour mill on a turnkey basis and finally poultry and cattle feed mill. It also have water treatment plants under their belt. That helps in cleaning the water and make them drinkable.

Bottled water is known to restore confidence in users. Various safety measures are adopted to make them pure before they are ready for consumption. The bottled water treatment works in a different way to clear water impurities in water. Steam distillation is cost effective. Distilled process includes removing of impurities from the distilled water. Steam distilling water is a process where impurities from water isremoved to make them safe, clean and drinkable.Priti International is a packaged drinking water plant that helps in cleaning water impurities.

Facts to know before setting up a packaged drinking water plant

Which is the best source of drinking water
The debate about the best drinking water and the purest source of water is probably an eternal one. The fact that tap water contains a considerable amount of heavy metals and this has harmful effects on human health. However, the chemicals used in the packaged drinking water plant and the various water treatment facilities have come under scrutiny time and again. The situation is quite perplexing. The distilled water so far is termed as the purest form of water void of any chemical or other contaminating substance, but distilled water also does not provide any health benefit. It is agreed upon by almost every nutritionist, expert and doctor that mineral water is a much healthier alternative to distilled water. The finding certainly is the motivating factor behind the shift in trend among the packaged drinking water plant owners from producing distilled water to production of mineral water for general consumption.images
What to consider before setting up water purification and bottling plant
The increasing health hazards as a result of consumption of low quality water has resulted in governments across almost every nation in the world making it mandatory for the packaged drinking water plants to adhere to certain minimum quality control standards, and rightly so. A number of factors need to be considered while setting up a water purification and packaging plant in order to get government clearance.

  • Location – The location is one of the most important factors since it decides the quality of water which will be available for processing. Keeping in view the overall profitability, it is better for any businessman to check the quality of the locally available water and settle for the location which has the least contaminated water.
  • Purification method – The purification mechanism should be built to suit international standard. Curtailing in this segment might lead to extreme loss in brand image if the packaged drinking water is found to be contaminated.
  • Bottling plant – It is best if one keeps the bottling unit under one’s own control as this ensures quality maintenance while bottling the water.

Almost every beverage company has a brand of packaged mineral water. Thus it is important that a new entrant set up the packaged drinking water plant near a market which has still not been tapped by the big players.

Keep On Munching – The Benefits of Digestive Biscuits

Digestive biscuits are the recent fad for the people. To be very frank with you, digestive biscuits have no added benefits whatsoever. But if you are in the mood of munching something, digestive biscuits are a great idea as it will keep the calories at bay.

Digestive biscuits are not helpful in digestion. It is full of sodium bicarbonate. Though too much consumption of sodium bicarbonate is not good for health, yet digestive biscuits are full of some other benefits too.

As the demand of digestive biscuits is increasing with days, the biscuit and cookies plants are manufacturing new types of such biscuits. Make it a part of your daily diet.priti-biscuit & cookie plant

Huge Quantity of Fibre

Digestive biscuits are full of natural fibres. If you are thinking of reducing your intake of sugar and fructose corn syrup then digestive biscuits are a smart choice. Even you can try to make it at home as well with sugar, butter, milk, rolled oats, baking powder and whole wheat flour.

Reduces Nausea and Motion Sickness

When you are travelling, you often might suffer from nausea and motion sickness. Continuous munching often helps to lessen the nausea and motion sickness. Munch on digestive biscuit that will help you to avoid vomiting.

High Anti Oxidant

Ginger contains the high quantity of anti oxidant. Opt for ginger biscuits as it will reduce the chances of heart attack and cancer. Anti oxidant helps to reduce the signs of aging.

Treats High Blood Sugar

If regularly you take ginger biscuits, it is going to help you to control blood sugar. Ginger has the quality of controlling high diabetes. Regular consumption of ginger biscuit helps to check the increase of quantity of sugar in blood.
Digestive biscuit does not offer that much nutrients, true. But regular intake of it won’t harm you either. It can be a part of your regular healthy diet.

The Benefits of drinking Mineral Water

Now-a-days, wherever we are going we carry around a bottle of drinking water with us. It is another name of life for us. But do you know it is water that is the greatest medium of many germs and virus in our body? Drinking unhealthy water causes jaundice and other liver diseases too. But how to prevent those germs to enter our body in the first place? It is always a good idea to consume the bottled water. The increasing number of mineral water plant is indicating to the fact that we are becoming conscious about the water we are drinking. Studies have shown that mineral water is the safest bottled water that not only prevents diseases but also there are other benefits of drinking mineral water too.mineral water plant

Are you still thinking whether drink the water of your home filter or opt for bottled mineral water? Let’s take a look at the benefits of drinking bottled mineral water. They will be enough to save you from the dilemma.

Weight Loss

While you are on a diet and thinking about shredding off a few pounds you can opt for mineral water easily. It is the most beneficial drink. Unlike other popular drinks like soda or juice, it does not carry any added calorie. Consuming a right amount of mineral water will ensure that you remain hydrated and healthy as well.

Maintain Bone Health

After menopause, women suffer from the gradual loss of bone health and sometimes osteoporosis. Drinking mineral water ensures that you retain bone density. It results in preventing the loss of bone health as well as any bone related diseases.

Lower Blood Pressure and LDL Cholesterol

High blood pressure and LDL cholesterol often results in heart diseases. The mineral including magnesium count often helps to lower the blood pressure and control the bad cholesterol.

Reduce chances of Kidney Stone

Increase of calcium oxalate aids to form kidney stone. Mineral water has adequate amount of calcium and magnesium that helps to decrease the rate of concentration calcium oxalate. It results in reducing the chance of kidney stone.
When mineral water has so many good things to offer, why keep on drinking unsafe water? Opt for mineral water today. Drink healthy, stay healthy.

Various types of water treatment plants and their significance

Water treatment plans are known to be using various methodologies that were invented by us in order to save this very precious resources from getting depleted. With the help of water plants, water is treated by mankind to sustain this precious resource and turn them into clean and drinkable water. They are made drinkable for humans. With a sudden boom in human population, the use of water has increased, thus  naturally being depleted every day.mineral water plant
In this article we talk about some of the mineral water plants for treatment and their natural uses. There are various equipments and chemicals that are applied to clean the water to make it safe for drinking purposes. Some of the common forms of water purification systems include chlorination, disinfection, coagulation, filtration and sedimentation. Here are a few of them:-
Packaged water treatment plant – They are purified by reduction of COD in the water. Some of the common forms of techniques includes coagulation, reverse osmosis and precipitation to separate solids from the water.
Ozone based plants –This is done to treat pool water, ozone based plants are used so that it can disinfect water when required.
Waste water treatment plants – impurities and samples are collected from industries, homes and various other places to purify them and make it drinkable.
Bottle water treatment – The water is treated before they are packages in drinking waters for consumers. Millions are consuming bottled water from time to time.
Mobile plants – they are best for heating during calamities including the past several years. They are used to treat water for calamitites and emergencies. This procedure is used to purify water from the small particles in the water.

These are some of the common procedures in cleaning water and making them drinkable.

Setting up a mineral water plant is a lucrative option

Mineral water plant can be a great business investment

“Water, water everywhere, nor a drop to drink”. The famous line by Samuel Taylor Coleridge speaks of an ominous situation. While we are surrounded by sea on all sides, the rate of increase in water pollution is certainly making this true to a large extent. Mineral water is probably the only life saving option for travellers. With the demand of mineral water ever increasing, setting up your own mineral water plant can be a great business initiative; given you have the resource to do so.


Checklist before setting up mineral water plant

If you are planning to set up your mineral water plant and establish a proper business, be sure to check out the following points –

  • Market research and survey – If you wish your business to flourish it is very important that you do some proper research and survey to get to know about the market and the available resources as well as the competition in the market. It is very important that you know the rates at which mineral water is available in the market as well as the major suppliers and distributors and the rate at which they are being offered the mineral water bottles.

  • Decide the product basket mix – Take a survey to know what the general trend of the market you will be catering to is. At some places 1 litre bottles are more popular, while at others 5 litres or even 20 litres are sold in bulk. Then there are the regions where you need to send small pouches or 500 ml bottles. Knowing your market will help you reduce wastage and optimally use your resources.

  • Prepare plant blueprint – It is essential that you have a good idea about the size of the mineral water plant you are going to set up. Take the size of the machinery and the warehouse into consideration for this purpose. Logistics should also be pre-planned.

  • Check out the available land space in the region which suits your needs and requirements. While setting up any mineral water plant you must also take into consideration the logistics involved in sending the bottles to the market.

  • Plan the entire operation from scratch to ensure smooth functioning.

Does Soda Water have Any Health Benefit? – Find Your Answer Here

Soda water is water in which pressurized carbon dioxide is dissolved in a very low level. The characteristic fizz and slightly sour taste make it a favourite of the people who dislike the plain taste of tap water. It used to be considered as one of the main reason of many a negative effects like tooth decay, obesity and calcium depletion.

But now it is considered as one of the wholesome alternative of plain drinking water. The increasing number of soda water plants indicates towards the fact that the consumption of it is increasing as the alternative of plain water.

Soda water is a zero calorie drink that offers a number of health benefits too.minarel water plant

• The first benefit that soda water offers is that it hydrates the body like any other water. Because of the distinctive taste it has, people tend to drink more of it than the plain water.

• Soda water helps to fight the problem of digestion and helps those who have the tendency of Gallstone formation. Study has shown that the people who drink soda water on a regular basis has reported to suffer less from the problem of digestion, constipation and Gallbladder stone formation.

• Soda water, particularly the sodium rich carbonated water helps people to recover from heart diseases.

• For the women after menopause, sodium rich carbonated soda water can be extremely beneficial as it aids to weaker bones as well as to heart.

• Though studies claimed that soda water have been the reason of osteoporosis as it causes leaching of calcium through urine, further research has revealed that it was untrue.

But when you are drinking soda water you need to take care of the slight negative effects too. The use of sweetener and the preservatives in soda water can be harmful if you keep on drinking it in huge quantity. The sweetener can affect your tooth as well.

Drinking plain water is the right thing you can do. But you can also opt for soda water. You just need to take care of the amount you are consuming.