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Achieve great business potential with a mineral water project

A mineral water project generally deals with the different machineries and procedures for removing the unwanted toxic substances and other impurities from the water.

It ensures utmost s purity to the water. The water treated in a mineral water plant is safe for drinking and for various other uses. There is high business potential behind setting up a mineral water plant as a company that undertakes the task of setting up a plant does that in order to supply purified water for human consumption. They
have a ready market for the treated water and hence the rate of profitability is always high. The intake of impure water on a daily basis give rise to various ailments and that is the reason the demand of packed mineral water is increasing day-by-day. Thus, investment in a mineral water plant has all the potential to reap huge profit. In order to have a successful venture in the field one needs to chalk out an effective mineral water project. This will put forward lucrative opportunities to players working in local, regional and national level. One need to have adequate technical and industrial know how in order to attain success at a steady pace in the domain.  A mineral water plant is meant for purifying water but alongside filling and packaging of the water can also be undertaken at the same premise and thus the business will thrive at its best.minaral water plant

A mineral water plant consists of various sections, they are as follows,

• Water treatment section

• Bottle making section

• Bottle filling section

• Pouch making machine

• Packaging section

• Utilities

Here are the important benefits of setting up a mineral water plant,

• The demand for bottle water is enhancing every day and that is the reason there is a great opportunity to reach out more and more potential customers.

• Not much technical skill is required to run the plant.

• The low cost variables and one-time investment option increases the profit potential.

• The project doesn’t look for a huge work force and that saves cost to a great extent.

Mineral Water Plant Project – an Overview

If you want to drink healthy water, mineral water is your only option. As per the name, mineral water means the water that contains mineral compounds like sulphur compounds, salts etc. There are many mineral water plant projects that are producing water of good quality. Their packaging ensures that the water retains the quality for a long time.

Bottled Mineral

The demand of bottled mineral water has increased drastically since past few years. According to the report, the valuation of the increased sale has reached $75 in 2012
only in the USA. Globally, bottled water, mineral water, purified tap water are in highest demand, as per sales report. The global report also says that that at least 65 million bottled water has been consumed in only the USA. Globally, it is approximately 250 million.

minaral water plant

Benefits of Mineral Water

There are many benefits of consuming mineral water every day.

• The motto of mineral water plant projects is to make our immune system stronger and reduce the body stress. Magnesium is one of the essential mineral to serve the

purpose. Consuming mineral water means increase of magnesium in our body.
• Mineral water contains chloride that regulates and maintains acids in stomach and intestine and helps in digestion process.
• Sulphate and calcium, which is often found in best quality mineral water and helps to strengthen our bones.
• Iron, which plays quite important role in forming blood cells, is present in this water. So, it is good to drink this water for health.
• Apart from all these mineral compounds, this water is free from arsenic and other harmful chemicals that are often used to purify it after collecting from natural resources.

The Work Process of the Mineral Water Plant Project

There are a series of stages of the purification of water. They are:-

• Disinfection:- This stage is necessary to kill the bacteria in water.
• Aeration:- The stage to remove the iron and manganese from water.
• Sedimentation:- The stage to remove the solids.
• Filtration:- To remove the dust particles from water.
• Desalination:- The process to remove excess salt from water.

Poultry and cattle feed mill needs to be supported well

Poultry and cattle are important revenue earners for rural economy especially in a country having a powerful agrarian sector. Consequently, the need for poultry and cattle feed mills is important.  Making of feed for cattle and poultry is an organized process and involvesmachines of different kinds. polatry fram

Infrastructure for an animal feed mill

An animal feed mill is mechanized and involves a well established infrastructure. It needs to be connected well to procurement and marketing centres by roads, railways, or both. Entrepreneurs should always set have factories in areas that have easy access, adequate water supply, and electricity. As most poultry and cattle farms are located in villages, towns or city suburbs, their feed mills should likewise be located in these places. There being a considerable set up of machinery items their maintenance should be regular and prompt. So, if you are planning to put up an animal feed plant, make certain that support is available readily. Without timely support keeping a mill functional could become a worry.

Machines needed for cattle and poultry feed mill

For a mill producing animal feed, at least four types of machines are needed: feed mixing machine, material conveyor, paddle mixer, and storage bins. Separate feed mixing machines are needed for poultry feed, and cattle field.

• Feed mixing machine – In feed mixing machine you could make cattle feed, poultry feed, bird feed, and animal feed. Poultry feed in different from bird feed, while animal feed and cattle feed are not the same. For viability a factory should have separate mixing machines for different feeds as it not only helps in controlling the quality of output but also regularize on the quantity of output.

•  Material conveyor – Conveyors are put to multiple uses. They are used for carrying ingredients to a missing machine or conveying finished products to packing  station.

• Paddle mixer – A paddle mixer is used to separate finer particles from coarser ones. Sieving is an entirely mechanical process involving two drums. These mixers are  available in capacity ranging from 150 kg/hr to 1000 kg/hr.

• Storage bins – Storage bins are made from superior quality material as they are used to store fruit, vegetables, grains, and pulses. These are used as ingredients for feed manufacturing.